5 Reasons Why Pinterest is Perfect For Your Coaching Business

Want more clients to your life coaching business? I’m sharing why you NEED to be using Pinterest marketing to reach your ideal clients. #pinterestmarketing #lifecoachingbusiness

I know you started your business to make the world a brighter place.  I don’t doubt for a second that you have SO much value to offer. 

But here’s the truth.

You can spend hours writing the best content, days carefully crafting your packages only for it to mean nothing. Why?  Because your audience doesn't even know you exist.

You deserve to be seen and heard.

That’s why I’m sharing 5 reasons why Pinterest marketing is perfect for your coaching business and why you need to be using it to increase your visibility online.


People are looking to be inspired

While on some social media platforms *cough* users go to get lost in mindless scrolling and entertainment, Pinterest users are looking to be inspired. They go on the platform to actively find answers to questions like ‘how should I’ or ‘what should I’, which means they’re open to seeing new ideas and to take it one step further and actually try that new thing. 

Are you a health and wellness coach? Searches for self-care are up 140%. On top of this in the US Pinterest have just launched a mental health initiative to support users following a dramatic increase in mental health based searches.

A business coach? Research shows women are looking to the platform for ideas of how to start their own business from how to market a business to what kind of business to start. Additionally, Pinterest trends for 2019 indicate that searches for side hustles (did someone say #girlboss?) increased a whopping 690% last year. 

Ultimately, Pinterest gives it’s users the space to explore a variety of interests. Are you passing up the opportunity to let them explore yours?


You can tap into your ideal client’s communities

Though it’s not like social media in the traditional sense, you can still use Pinterest to tap into your ideal client’s communities. What I love about Pinterest is that from day one on the platform even with ZERO followers your content has the potential to go viral just by getting it in front of the right audience.  

One of the things I WISH I’d done when I first got started was using Tailwind to share my content among Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are essentially like Pinterest Group Boards. Multiple contributors share to one space and reciprocation is heavily encouraged and often even rewarded.

I recommend using both Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest Group boards to drive traffic to your content and watch as your content goes viral. If you’re brand new to Tailwind you can sign up using this link to get your first month free! It’s an incredible scheduling tool for Pinterest with access to in-depth analytics and some super helpful features. 

I also suggest checking out my post about Pinterest Group Boards so you can learn how to incorporate the right boards into your ongoing strategy. You can bet by becoming known in these Pinterest communities your ideal clients are going to begin to take notice of what you have to offer.


Build authority and position yourself as a thought leader

Before investing in a high ticket coaching programme you can bet your ideal client is going to be researching you and your brand. 

Let’s get real for a moment. The truth is there are already thousands of coaching programmes out there, probably with pretty similar content. What your ideal client is buying into is not the programme - but you. The way you paint their vision for the future almost as if you were in their head. The way you can tap into their deepest desires as few others can. This is why Pinterest is the perfect marketing tool for your coaching business

It allows you to build authority and position yourself as a thought leader. Start by Repinning content you know your ideal client will *love* and promote your own content using consistent branding so you can build up a rapport. 

In my FREE Pinterest Sales & Success Guide (which includes a cheat sheet and checklist) I discuss the exact steps you need to take to position yourself the right way. If you haven’t already downloaded it I highly recommend grabbing your copy of the guide .


They have money to spend

If you’re struggling to find the right audience for your high ticket coaching programme it could just be that you’ve been looking in the wrong place. Pinterest users are typically high-income households with over 50% earning $50k annually and a further 10% earning over $125k

On top of having money to spend Pinterest users use the platform at every single stage of their purchase journey so you can nurture them all the way from inspiration all the way up to taking that action. 

Unlike a lot of platforms, in one sense Pinterest is completely unique. It works hard to get users OFF the platform and on to websites that will serve their needs.


Pinners use the platform to plan the next chapter of their life

People looking to invest in coaching services are often those about to make a huge shift in their lives.

A study conducted by Pinterest revealed that 47% of active pinners were about to experience a major life event and 97% used the platform to help them plan that event. On the platform, users can visualise the most ideal version of themselves. If you can reach pinners during this stage with meaningful engagements related to the person they could become you’re on to something incredibly powerful.


Bonus tip: challenge competitors

I know I said I was only going to give you five tips, but this one is too juicy not to share. 

In every industry, there are competitors and coaching is no different. Some people believe that the industry is saturated - but that simply isn’t true. As for Pinterest growth sure it’s not yet as big as Facebook or Instagram - but here’s the difference it is STILL growing at a rapid pace (51 million active users in the past year if you wanna get all factual). There really is no better time to get started than today.

If your competitors are actively using Pinterest to market their services and you’re not who do you think users are gonna gravitate towards? And if they’re not? Well, then that makes for the perfect opportunity to establish your edge.

One of the reasons I love working with coaches is because I truly believe you have a gift to offer. And there is SO much value in getting that gift in front of those who need it the most. But listen, I know it can be hard trying to balance 101 platforms. That regularly showing up without adding a new platform into the mix is already a struggle. So I’m here to help. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your business let’s book in a call and work on hitting those goals.