Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest Group Boards

Wondering how to use Pinterest group boards and which are the best group boards to join? This post contains everything you need to know and two things never to do when using Pinterest for business! #howtousepinterestgroupboards #pinterestgroupboardstojoin #pinterestforbusiness #pinteresttipsforbusiness

Got burning questions about Pinterest group boards like how they work, which ones you should join and what the hell they even are in the first place?

Welcome to group board 101, class is now in session.

What is a Pinterest group board?

 A Pinterest group board is a board with multiple (sometimes thousands) of collaborators who all add their own content. In order for the board to be successful, it’s important to have both high-quality content being pinned and also repinned out of the board on to people’s feeds.


What are the benefits of Pinterest group boards?

When used properly they’re a fantastic way to circulate your content on Pinterest to a wider audience.

This is especially true if you don’t have an audience of your own to leverage or started your account years ago and have a lot of followers who aren’t necessarily interested in your business content.

However, fail to use them correctly and your account could be penalised!


How do I know which group boards to join?

You have to remember that Pinterest isn’t an intelligent human.

One of the ways Pinterest determines how to push your content out is by categorising. You can help Pinterest categorise your content in a number of ways: by using targeted keywords in your descriptions, adding relevant hashtags, creating board descriptions, the images you use and lastly what boards you add your pins to. Using this information Pinterest will then feature your pins alongside what it determines to be similar content.

That is unless you confuse the system.

Let’s say you have a pin about best productivity books for female entrepreneurs and you share that to a Female Entrepreneurs board - that sounds great, right?


That board could contain any number of things about entrepreneurship - marketing, productivity tips and even products.

This could lead to your pin being wrongly categorised and not pushed out to the right people. Instead, find super focused boards such as Motivation For Female Entrepreneurs. Now Pinterest knows all the content in this board is to motivate female entrepreneurs and you’ll be ranked accordingly.


Should I join Pinterest group boards with sections?

From a search perspective joining Pinterest group boards with sections might not necessarily be a good idea. During an interview with a Pinterest insider, it was made pretty clear that sections do not help with categorising boards they are just a tool to help people organise their pins. So if you join a board that’s called Female Entrepreneurs and there are sections on motivation, productivity hacks and time management your pins will still only be categorised as though they were on purely just the Female Entrepreneurs board.

How do I leave a group board on Pinterest?

A helpful feature of my favourite Pinterest management tools - Tailwind, is that it gives you insights into how well each board is performing. Using the Pin Inspector tool you can check how many reshares and clicks your pins are getting from each board. If on a certain board your pins aren’t getting any traction it’s probably time to wave goodbye and replace it with another. 

To leave a group board on Pinterest simply find the board you want to leave and click edit. Once you’ve clicked through find your name on the list of pinners and click remove.  



How many boards should you have on Pinterest?

Although you can have up to 500 boards (eek!) on your account including your own and group boards it’s definitely not advisable to use this many. For one it would absolutely compromise the user experience, and it would be near impossible to manage and track so many.

Your priority should always be your own boards and not other people’s so start by joining a few and building them out gradually. Don’t just drop your content and disappear. Spend time engaging and repinning others content to maintain the health of the board.


How do I find a group board on Pinterest? 

Pin groupie

Pin groupie is a handy directory that collates group boards by category. In addition to listing the boards and descriptions you can also see when the board was last pinned to and how many followers the board has.

Other Pinterest Accounts

My favourite method to use is stalking other Pinterest accounts in my niche and seeing which group boards they’re a part of. Then if any seem like they could be a fit I head to the group board description for instructions on how to join.

In my experience when used properly Pinterest group boards are a great way to get your content in front of new eyeballs - just don’t rely on them for your entire strategy. With a combination of Tailwind Tribes, Group boards and your own personal boards you’ll be a Pinterest pro in time.

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