Pinterest Account For Business - What You Need To Know

Want to know how to get a Pinterest business account and why it’s crucial to your Pinterest success? I’m sharing how to convert your personal account into a business account and the Pinterest marketing benefits that come with it!

If you’re brand new to Pinterest I know that it can be overwhelming trying to understand best practises. That’s why I’ve created a guide to help you set up your Pinterest account for business.

Why even use Pinterest in the first place?

There are loads of great social media platforms already. Is it really worth investing your time and money into another platform? Yes! Not only does Pinterest experience rapid growth year on year (51 million new users in the past year alone!), but more and more consumers are turning to visual search to answer life’s subjective questions.

Instead of searching for ‘where can I find…?’ Pinterest users are looking to spark their imaginations with ‘what should I?’ and ‘how should I?’ questions.

Many businesses still overlook Pinterest as the outcast of the social media world - but in all honesty, I truly believe it’s one of the best platforms for getting your message out there.

Building brand authority with Pinterest

If your audience doesn’t know, like or trust you the chances are they’re not going to buy anything from you. By sharing your own Pins and repinning other relevant content you prove to your ideal client that one you know what you’re talking about and two that they need to hire you to do it. 

Pinterest also has the unique capability to position you as a thought leader in your industry from day one.  Using group boards you can build and showcase your authority among ‘your people’ even if you have ZERO followers.

Pinterest business account vs personal 

When it comes to Pinterest there are two types of account.

Personal account
When you sign up for Pinterest you’ll begin with a personal account. This account has all the standard capabilities including pinning, repinning and viewing content. While both personal and business accounts look similar one major difference is the lack of access to Pinterest analytics and branding capabilities.

This account is perfect for finding and sharing inspiration.

Business account

A Pinterest business account comes with all the capabilities of a personal account, but has the addition of in-depth pin analytics. These analytics allow you to see which of your pins people are clicking, your most popular boards and how many people are engaging with your profile among other things.

Additionally, with business account you can place ads and use in-built features such as rich pins to add click-worthy information to your pins. It’s completely free to switch to make the switch to a business account.

Should I change to a business account?

If you’re using Pinterest for business then you should absolute convert to a business account.

It looks more professional

Not everything is about looks but, well, sometimes it is. Your Pinterest account is just one of the many faces of your business. Though Pinterest is less competitive than some of the social media networks out there you can bet at least some of your competitors are still going to be hanging out there. 

Having professional looking Pins can be the difference between someone choosing to click on to your profile or finding their inspiration elsewhere. Rich pins allow you to add eye-catching headlines your pins just by inserting a simple piece of code on to your site. They also ensure that when you pin from online stores such as Etsy and Shopify key details of the product such as availability and price are automatically included.

Having a business account also means you can create a jazzy looking header comprising of your pin designs so they can take front and centre of your profile. These seemingly small things add up to give your profile, and business, a more cohesive look. Take advantage of them!

You get access to Pinterest analytics
If you don’t have access to analytics, you may as well be throwing sh*t at the wall. You simply cannot create a strategy without them. 

Using the analytics data you can learn more about your audience demographics and content preferences. This means you can build a strategy around the content your audience actually wants - not just what you think they want. They might just surprise you.

You can take advantage of Tailwind features
Tailwind is my favourite Pinterest scheduling tool and although now Pinterest has rolled out their own in-built scheduling Tailwind is still my go-to platform. I’d need a whole other post for Tailwind alone but I’ll outline some of the key features of Tailwind that are worth the investment for your business.

  • Smartloop - Using Smartloop you can automate existing pins to periodically redistribute to group boards

  • Tailwind Tribes - Like Pinterest group boards, Tailwind tribes are niche communities that you can join to share your own content and redistribute others.

  • Scheduling tool - The Tailwind scheduling tool allows you to and even determines the best time to post your content based on when your audience is online.

  • Virality score - Learn which of your boards and pins are taking off so you can create more targeted content.

If you’d like to try Tailwind for your business you can sign up using my link to try a month for free. Although you’re not going to see any massive changes in just a month I highly recommend making use of this time to test the features and see how you could integrate them into your Pinterest strategy. Remember if you plan on using Tailwind you’ll need to already have a Pinterest business account set up.

Can run ads

Though it might not be something you’re thinking about at the moment if in the future you want to take advantage of the paid-for ads feature you’ll need a business account for this privilege. Promoted pins look similar to regular pins but can be targeted to your audience on a cost per click basis.

It’s illegal to use a personal account to promote products and services

I’ve saved the best until last. It’s illegal, yes ILLEGAL to use Pinterest to market any products and services without a business account. If I had a microphone to drop right about now would be when I’d use it.

How do I change to a Pinterest for business account?

If you’re ready to change to a Pinterest business account just follow these simple steps. 

  1. Log into your account and click Pinterest for business.

  2. Then click ‘Convert now’ and fill out your information

It really is that easy!

Want to take your Pinterest profile to the next level, but have no idea where to begin? Book your free 30-minute consultation with me to learn how I can make Pinterest work for your business.