9 Types of Content You Need To Be Promoting on Pinterest

Want to improve your Pinterest marketing strategy? These are 9 types of content you need to be marketing on Pinterest (even if you don’t have time for more content creation).  #pinterestmarketingstrategy #pinterestmarketing #contentcreation

Pinterest loves fresh content.

It keeps the platform interesting and useful for it’s users and shows that you’re a good contributor. Good contributors get rewarded for helping to maintain the platform, which in turn means more eyeballs on your site. So ideally, you need to be sharing your fresh content on the platform at least a few times every week. 

I know for a lot of entrepreneurs the idea of pumping out new content all the time can be STRESSFUL. And I’m sure Pinterest isn’t the only platform you use to promote your services. I’m no stranger to being overwhelmed in my business - we’ve all been there. That’s why I know that juggling all the plates is already hard without trying to remain relevant. 

The good news is there are loads of different types of content you can share on Pinterest WITHOUT having to create any more than you’re already doing. 

More traffic is great, but it’s what you DO with that traffic that leads to $$$. That’s why I’m sharing 9 types of content you need to be promoting on Pinterest so you can turn your ideal clients into smoking hot leads 🔥

Are you in?

Facebook groups

Do you have a public Facebook group that you use to connect with your ideal client? Why not promote the group on Pinterest to drive even more leads? 

There are a lot of benefits of promoting your Facebook group on Pinterest, especially if you use a scheduling tool like Tailwind where you can batch multiple pins to drive leads to your group. Remember to test a few different designs and see which result in the most sign-ups and to track how your group members find you!

Email sign up

One of my favourite ways to use Pinterest is to drive e-mail sign-ups. There are a couple of ways to do this through custom landing pages and blog posts so it really is down to you to experiment and see which your audience resonates with the most. 

No two businesses on Pinterest are the same and so much of Pinterest is about trial and error. So set out with a clear goal in mind and experiment to get those results. 

Blog posts

Blog posts are one of the most common types of content to promote on Pinterest and for good reason - THEY WORK! This type of content allows your audience to get a feel for your personality and if they learn something from your free content, there’s a good chance they might buy from you in the future. 

It’s really important to give a tonne of value in your blog posts so you can demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field and that you’re the go-to person for ‘insert your services here’. 

YouTube videos

Like blog posts, YouTube videos are a great way to give your ideal client an insight into who you are, how you can help them and why you’re the best person to do it. Each time you create content on YouTube you’ll want to create Pins to let people know that the videos exist.

Pinterest has also now introduced Video Pins so you could even repurpose some of your video content to create teasers for Pinterest. 

Podcast episodes

I’m sure you’re beginning to get the picture now - wherever you are online the aim of Pinterest is to help your audience find you. While you can lead your audience directly to the podcast episode you might also consider creating a blurb on your blog if you have one (and I strongly recommend if you don’t that you start one!) that’s a couple of hundred words and links to the episode. 

This works for a number of reasons: it gets people onto your site and it allows people to decide whether they want to invest time into listening to an entire podcast episode before being thrust into it. That being said you can also link directly in a Pin to the episode also.

Digital products

Typically your ideal client isn’t likely to buy from you the first time they come across you. But there will still be people who are ready to purchase immediately, which means you need to create Pins for them too. If you sell digital courses, e-books or even membership sites you can lead your audience directly to them via Pinterest.

In my FREE Pinterest Sales & Success Guide (which includes a cheat sheet and checklist) I discuss the exact steps you need to take to warm up your audience so they’re primed to buy from you. If you haven’t already downloaded it I highly recommend grabbing your copy of the guide before heading straight into this step.

Digital Services

Do you provide your clients with a digital service? It’s a bold move but you can link directly to your services page in a Pin. Just make sure that once on there that you’ve got an irresistible offer to share and that it’s easy to navigate to other information about you and how your services are going to transform your clients’ lives.

Instagram posts

Pretty much anything you can grab a URL from you can promote on Pinterest. This includes your Instagram posts.

The trick is not to use the square layout that you’re used to on Instagram but to create custom, eye-catching Pins and descriptions. Give a teaser of what the post is about - but don’t give it all away. Like this post where I share the only TWO strategies you need to succeed on Pinterest. Remember that you still want people to click through to the actual Instagram post to get the full story. Like you’re about to do now 😉.

Facebook page posts

Trying to get more eyeballs on your Facebook page? It's important not to make the mistake of using the image from the actual post itself (if there is one) but one optimised for Pinterest in terms of sizing and layout. Similar to Instagram posts you’ll want to create custom pins that describe the overall context of the post and keyword, hashtag as normal to attract the right audience. 

So now you know 9 different types of content you need to be promoting on Pinterest. But here’s the thing - if your profile isn’t set up for success nobody is going to see any of it and you’re going to be exactly where you were before you read this post. 

I don't want that and I’m sure you don't either, which is why I created the FREE 8 Steps to Sales & Success on Pinterest Guide with you in mind. In the guide, I share the exact steps you need to take to set start getting those all-important sales from your Pinterest account. You can grab your very own copy (yup, yours to keep forever) by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you’ve read this post and are still feeling overwhelmed by Pinterest I’m here to help. My Pinterest services range from setting you up for success to managing your account entirely so you never have to lift a finger. 

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