Being a small business owner means you often find yourself juggling 101 roles. You want to serve your audience, but you just don’t have the time to be everywhere at once.

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I get it, I do.

Throughout my years working with small to medium-sized businesses, I saw so many people realise that it simply wasn’t possible to scale their business to the highest potential while running it as a one (wo)man show.

The problem was they didn’t know who they could trust to take over the reins whilst still communicating with their audience in a way that was authentic to them.

That’s why I started Effy Creative.

It’s a social media agency that combines my five years’ of practical and theoretical knowledge (plus my Masters in Digital Marketing!) to craft the perfect content for you and your audience.

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A delicious mix of social strategy with a heavy sprinkle of heart and soul.

✓ No more worrying about strategy, or the best times to post

✓ No more mindlessly scrolling or aimlessly pinning

✓ I help you get laser focused on what to do and when to do it

Better still, I can even to do it for you.

Throughout my years running a travel and lifestyle blog I saw the huge potential that Pinterest held – not just for bloggers, but for business owners too.

That’s when I had my *lightbulb moment*.

I saw a way that I could combine my love of writing with my desire to help businesses communicate better with their audiences.

But listen, I don’t just want you to take my word for it. Here’s what one of my past clients had to say:

“Efia worked extensively on helping curate an aesthetic Pinterest account for Hall & Co Event Design. She helped me understand key tools, strategies and got-to-know information in order to drive traffic to our website in addition to offering fantastic and insightful advice so I can maintain an active successful account. So far I can see in just two weeks we're already gaining a lot more Monthly Views to our Pinterest account, rising from 3.2K a month (April 2019) to 4.8K this month (May 2019). I can also see our website referrals from Pinterest are slowly increasing as people are successfully finding our posts relative to their search intent, therefore bringing them directly to our website.. Given the nature of our business (bespoke event planning) this is a service in which people at various stages of their journey will come to us. With a successful social media presence and now on Pinterest (thank you Effy!), we can ensure to be 'pinned' online, spreading brand awareness across more channels.”

Jo Woodford - Hall & Co Event Design.

If you’re ready to shift your business towards massive growth….  

And if you’re sick of spreading yourself thin, or just not getting started at all...

Then let’s work together to get your business the Pinterest eyeballs it deserves.